Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Will Michael Jackson Attend His Own Movie Premiere?

Michael Jackson Kevin Mazur/AEG via Getty Images
Conspiracy Corner, Comic Con 2009 Brick
So, you're Michael Jackson, and, if the death-hoax theorists are correct,  you're alive and presumably pretty impressed by the stunt you pulled in June.
Let's skip the obvious questions (How'd you do it? Why'd you do it? What'd you think of the Dancing With the Stars tribute?), and head straight to the biggie:
Are you going to your own movie premiere?
This Is It, in case you've been living—or hiding—under a rock, gets the star treatment today in Los Angeles, en route to opening in theaters worldwide later tonight.
So, now that we've brought you up to speed, what's it going to be? Can you resist the spotlight? The adoring crowds? The complimentary popcorn?
Oddly enough, Jackson was unavailable for comment. So, we talked to a certified faker of death. And he said Jackson should go for it. In high style.

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