Friday, April 6, 2012

Wrath of the Titans Review (just a litte)

Let have some review of this epic movie...

Storyline : 
Quite good, you will not get bored, in fact, its better than Clash of the titans. So, 7/10 for the storyline

Action :
Quite lot of action, scary, and epic when Cronus begin to awaken... 8/9 for the action

Graphics :
The graphics is awesome, so real, and amazing.... 9/10 for the graphics,

Overall : 8/10


Zeus came to visited his demigod son, Perseus, and would like to ask help from Perseus to defend the Earth as the Wall of Tartarus collapsed slowly.

Then Zeus went down to the Underworld, meet Hades, and offered his help to rebuild the Wall of Tartarus again, together with Poseidon, however, Hades has made a deal with Cronus, to catch Zeus and use his power to wake Cronus,

Zeus was captured in the Underworld, and Perseus, go down to the Underworld to release Zeus from the Underworld,

When Perseus arrived in the Underworld, almost all Zeus power already absorbed by Cronus,
Then, Perseus and Zeus run from the Underworld, and at the same time Cronus has woke, which make Hades regret his action in dealing with Cronus,

Few Minutes after that...Cronus have come to the Earth land, from the very deep of the Underworld.

And then there it goes, a quite epic battle between Zeus, Hades & Cronus.

In the meantime, Perseus was collecting the weapon of Zeus, Poseidon & Hades, to combine the 3 weapon & became a Weapon which can Fight Cronus,

Then Perseus throw the Weapon inside Cronus bodies, then....the end of the story :P

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