Thursday, December 23, 2010

TRON : LEGACY (2010) Synopsis

Story Walkthrough :

          Flynn, the creator of the Tron videogames can make himself go into the game (virtual reality world). In the Tron world, Flynn wants to build his own perfect world. Then, he create 'Clu', the duplicate of himself in the Tron world, in order to help him, together build the perfect world (in the Tron World). But later, Clu betrayed him and wants the memory of Flynn in order to connect the Tron world to the real world. Flynn run and hide away from the grid in order to protect his memory.

Flynn trap in there for about 20 years. Then , Flynn's bussines partner got paige by Flynn (which is actually given by Clu) and makes Flynn sons to re-open the gate to the Tron world and go into it.
In there, Sam (Flynn son) fight many program  in order to survive but later taken by programs (Quorra) that bring him to his father, Flynn.

Then, they find their ways to escape to the real world but later only Sam and Quorra survived.

Comments : Fantastic! The storytelling is great and the graphic is impressive. Its quite unique when the story are in the Tron world. The 3D graphic were magnificent and it might be the most impressive 3D film for the time being. However, duel moment such as in the motorcycle match were very short. It should be more on the match event because that is what Tron's about.

But overall its Great!!

mark : 89/100


p/s : rindu

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